About Us
Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website!  It's still a work in progress, so please bear with us!
Prince of Peace Lutheran has been around this community for 50 years.  Some of you have been here from the beginning.  Some of you are relatively new to this faith family.  Some might be considering official membership.  Whenever, or however, you got connected to Prince of Peace, it’s fair to say that this church is like a family.  We enjoy spending time together.  We aren’t big in number, but here we serve and speak of an awesome and loving God.
God calls us to reach out, serve, and invited others to celebrate God’s Word with us.  God’s Word is written—the Bible, and God’s Word came in flesh—Jesus, the Son of God.  As Lutheran Christians we teach from our rich Lutheran heritage, but we certainly welcome all who seek respite and hope in the God who created us all.  We celebrate two sacraments—Holy Baptism and Holy Communion.  In Holy Baptism we are claimed by God and called to bear God’s creative and redeeming presence to all the world.  We practice open communion, so all believers are welcome to come and partake of Holy Communion.  And so we gather around bread and wine and God’s Word; and we know that the Lord is good!
We believe that God is still at work in this world of ours.  God isn’t through with us.  There are more wonderful surprises of God’s grace in store for you.  You are part of this story!
God’s favor rest upon you this day and into eternity. 
In Christ’s love,
Prince of Peace